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Woman Hurt, Auto Speeder Keeps Going

Mrs. H. A. Ziller of McKenzie Badly Injured in Accident East of the City

Mrs. H. A. Ziller of McKenzie sustained a badly crushed hand and lost a finger in addition to receiving bruises and cuts early last night near the penitentiary when a large automobile crashed into their car as Rev. and Mrs. Ziller and family were returning to their home after visiting in Bismarck.

Rev. Ziller stated that they saw the large car approaching at a high rate of speed and had turned out to one side of the road as far as possible, but that the big car crashed into them, completely wrecking their car and throwing the occupants out, and then without halting to offer assistance sped onward.

Mrs. Ziller was brought to the Bismarck hospital by another car which passed shortly after the accident.

Bismarck Tribune, 11/7/1923

Eight Murdered

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