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Climbed His Last Pole

A man by the name of Joe Coburn was shot Monday near Deadwood by one Wolsey. Both men were in the employ of Deering, building the government telegraph line. It is stated that Coburn was in fault and that Wolsey shot him in self defense, the bullet taking effect in the abdomen. Coburn will die.

Bismarck Tribune, 1/9/1880

A man named Joe Coburn, aged 25, lately employed in constructing a military telegraph line, entered the restaurant of Wm. Woolsey at Fountain City a few miles from Deadwood this afternoon and renewed an old quarrel by refusing to pay a bill. Coburn drew his revolver first but Woolsey firing the ball entered Coburns' breast. He lies in a dying condition. It is believed his home is in Michigan. Woolsey is under arrest.

Deseret News, 1/14/1880

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