Charred Remains


Beach, N.D., Dec. 19.—Rural Carrier Roy Young had quite an exciting runaway while on his return trip. Just as he was going down a small hill opposite the farm home of Henry Alvstead, his horse fell, breaking the thills. On arising, the steed became exceedingly friendly and was determined—from all appearances—to shake hands with the somewhat excited mail juggler. However, Roy could not see it that way, and believed, for his own safety, a good, firm foothold on terra firma was more advisable at that particular time. The horse finally kicked himself loose and scampered on to town, when it was found that his only wound was a slight cut on the right shoulder. Roy walked in as far as the experimental farm, where Mr. Steiner loaned him a horse with which to ride to town.

Grand Forks Evening Times, 12/19/1911

Then Julia Hoff

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