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Harry Dingman Drives to Westby, Mont., on Small Average of Gasoline

Harry Dingman, who recently purchased an Oldsmobile of the Minot Motor Sales Co., made a hard test of his car and here is his affidavit upon its splendid performance:

State of North Dakota,
County of Ward, SS.

I, Harry Dingman, on oath, depose and say that I purchased an eight-cylinder Oldsmobile of the Minot Motor Sales Co., that I drove this car on its initial trip to Westby, Mont., making my territory enroute, covering a distance of 375 miles; that the entire trip was made on an average of 15 2-3 miles on a gallon of gasoline. That 80 miles of the trip was made through mud and over very heavy roads. Further, that I made the trip from Crosby to Minot, a distance of 145 miles, on six gallons of gasoline (24 1-6 miles per gallon). On the entire trip I used 1 1-2 pints of lubricating oil.


Subscribed and sworn before me this 5th day of August, 1916.

Notary Public Ward County, N.D.
My commission expires March 30,1918

Ward County Indepdendent, 8/10/1916

Ed: I believe the 375 miles is a round-trip; Westby is maybe a half-hour west of Crosby.

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Posted 08/05/2015