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Mrs. Jos. Kombitz Arrested Charged With Assault Upon Mrs. Schettle

Judge Lynch Advised Them To Kiss and Make Up.

Mrs. Jos. Kombitz, who lives on Valley street, was talking to a neighbor woman the other evening when another neighbor, Mrs. Schettle, chanced to pass that way.

"Here comes the old— — —; she steals eggs," is what Mrs. Schettle alleges Mrs. Kombitz said to her. Mrs. Shettle {sp} talked back to Mrs. Kombitz, saying some very harsh words in German, but Mrs. Kombitz being Russian, could not understand all that was said. Both women became angry. Mrs. Shettle {sp} says she took a broom—a woman's weapon—away from Mrs. Kombitz, when the latter tried to strike her, and later took away a club and a kettle. The women then mixed in a regular free-for-all. They pulled each other's hair and for a time it looked very much as tho {sp} the maps of both Germany and Russia would be sadly disfigured.

Mrs. Kombitz was brot {sp} before Justice Lynch, who dismissed the action after he heard the evidence. Now Judge Lynch does all he can to discourage neighborhood quarrels, and
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he talked to the women in this fashion: "Ladies, I implore you to love one another. There seems to be no reason why you cannot get along in peace. I would suggest that you, Mrs. Schettle, get up a tea party and invite as one of your guests, Mrs. Kombitz." There will be no tea party.

Mrs. Schettle said she had marks of violence on her body, but that it was not convenient to show the Judge nor tell him just where.

The following day, Mrs. Kombitz informed the judge that Mrs. Schettle had struck his wife with a brick bat.

Ward County Independent, 5/9/1912

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