Vicious Ram


A man by the name of H. Sibbert hailing, he says, from Denver, Col., was brought to the city hospital this morning at an early hour suffering with a gun shot wound in his groin. He claims to have been working at Casselton and to have gotten into a freight car at Wheatland last night for a ride west. In the same car were two other men, and after the train had left the Jamestown yards, Sibbert, who was asleep, was awakened by the others and told to give up what property he possessed. The assailants covered him with a small revolver, but thinking to save his money Sibbert showed fight and in the row he was shot twice, the other bullet striking his shoulder blade but not cutting the skin to any extent. The men got away and the wounded man was brought to the hospital by the train crew. The bullet still remains in the wound. He claims to have family in Colorado, and had $6 and a gold watch which the robbers did not secure.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 9/29/1904

Thrown From The Wagon

Posted 10/12/2016