Charged with Bigamy


Larimore, N.D., Feb 8—John Storm of Larimore says that his body is not lying frozen stiff in a ditch near Arvilla.

In fact he maintains he has said corpse still right with him and is exhibiting the same to any doubting Thomas who still beleives that he was "friz" to death in the blizzard.

Storm became lost, it appears, during the blizzard, and drove around the prairie for eight hors before he found shelter in a farm home.

He returned to the farm of John Sweeney, where he is employed, and found that the family had just finished reading an account of his death. It was only after some difficulty that he succeeded in making them believe that he was not a "spook".

Today Storm is looking for the man thos tarted the report that he was a "dead one."

Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, 2/8/1915

Ice Cutter

Posted 03/01/2013