Broken Hub

A Serious Accident

A serious accident occurred Tuesday morning of last week on the engine of the Lon Caldwell breaking outfit, working about thirteen miles south of this city, just over the Montana line, in which Chas. Haven, the engineer, suffered injuries of which he will carry the evidence as long as he lives.

The boiler was leaking badly and the crew had decided to abandon the engine when they reached the end of the field. Just before they arrived there the boiler let go, tearing the crown sheet out, for good and sufficient reasons, doubtless, and blowing Haven from the deck, landing him with great violence back among the plows. He was badly scalded on one side of the head and both hands, hundreds of cinders were blown into his skin and he also suffered a number of contusions and bruises among the plows.

He was brought to the hospital here and a surgeon has been busy off and on ever since picking cinders out of him. He is doing nicely, but will be scarred for life. We are told that the boiler had no fusible plug.

Haven's wife is in the hospital, also, suffering from an abscess in the throat, and her sister just left that institution last week, after being reported dead two or three times.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/10/1910

Wrong Man

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