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Bad Gun Accident.

A fearful accident happened to a grape gathering party near this city the early part of the week. A number of young people left here to gather grapes along the Missouri and it was here that the accident occurred. Miss Birdie Stewart, her sister Mrs. Patterson and Mr. B. A. Johnson were in a carrioge {sp}, and in some way a double barreled shotgun, which was in the rig was discharged. The charge struck Mr. Johnson's left hand and lacerated it so badly that it was necessary to have it amputated. Some of the shot also struck Mrs. Patterson on the left arm between the elbow and shoulder, inflicting a painful though not dangerous wound. One of the shot struck Mr. Johnson in the eye, but Dr. Wheeler of Grand Gorks {sp}, who has the patient in charge, says the sight will not be affected.

Williston Graphic, 9/27/1900

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