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25,000 Bushels of Oats on the Ground— George Elliott Has Narrow Escape from Running Grain

After a day or two of premoniary {sp} groaning and gracking the oats annex of the Golden Valley Independent elevator, containing about 25,000 bushels, collapsed Wednesday afternoon, releasing the grain in all directions and making one of the finest jobs imaginable.

The colapse {sp} was due to faulty construction, the building being merely tacked together at the corners. How it ever stood up under the last season's load is one of the mysteries.

Mr. Bakke immediately telegraphed for several thousand sacks and will gather up the breakfast food as best he can. The building will be demolished and a new structure erected in a workmanlike manner.

Geo. Elliot, who was in between the building and a big box car at the time of the wreck, had a narrow escape from death. As it was he was severely bruised. He may well be thankful that he escaped with minors {sp} injuries.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 4/22/1910


Posted 05/05/2016