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Gasoline On Fire Kills One

Maurstad Family Near Grand Forks Victims of Explosion—Mother May Die.

Drayton, N.D.—Using gasoline in an attempt to hasten a coal fire, has caused one death and probably will cause a second, five members of the Isaac Maurstad family, residing five miles east of here, being victims of the explosion that resulted.

Richard Maurstad, aged 5 is dead. Mrs. Maurstad is so badly injured she will die, while three other members of the family, Peter aged 20, Nora aged 15, and Willie aged 9 will recover.

Mrs. Maurstad payed no attention to the flames in her own clothes, fought for the life of her children with the result that she will die.

Oil on Hot Coals

Peter Maurstad poured oil on the hot coals. His hands were almost torn into shreds by the explosion of the can while he was still holding it, and the burning oil ended the work.

Isaac Maurstad, the father is employed at Roosevelt, Minn. The family is in destitute circumstance, and are being taken care of at the home, their condition being such as to prohibit removal.

Turtle Mountain Star, 2/20/1913

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