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Swiped a Trunk.

Theodore Ness, the man who came down off the branch line and appropriated a trunk belonging to a lady who also came down on the same train, has had his hearing and after serving twenty-five days in jail, paying the cost of his arrest and hearing, and making settlement with the lady, he probably will be glad to go to his claim and enjoy the freedom of an American citizen. Mrs. Thresa Estervaag, the owner of the trunk, lives here, and when she boarded the train at a blind siding up the road, she was unable to get a check for her trunk, so Mr. Ness, being a rather foxy individual, proceeded to have her trunk crecked {sp} to Williston, and took it out to his claim, where he was enjoying the use of bedclothes found inside after he had sawed off the lock. Sheriff Ely had a thirty mile ride in order to find his man and after he had arrived at Williston, but he very calmly admitted that the trunk in question, was the one he had appropriated, and accompanied Mr. Ely back to Rugby. He will be taken to Devils Lake to serve his time.—Rugby Tribune.

Ward County Independent, 1/16/1908

Impersonating an Officer

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