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Found Ministers Body

Wahpeton, N. D., April 20.—The body of Rev. Edmands of this city was found in the Red river last night five miles north of this city. The discovery was made by two fishermen, who were spearing fish by torch light. The remains were in shallow water and the overcoat was on the body, which had been very little decomposed.

Rev. Edmands disappeared last December. He was in the habit of walking on the ice on the river and it is thought he fell through an air hole in the river. His cap was found by the side of an air hole. At the time of his disappearance there were some rumors of suicide but these were discredited and the finding of the body with the overcoat on is regarded as corroborative evidence of the accidental death theory.

A reward of $200 was offered by the citizens of Wahpeton, and this will go to the two men who found the body.

The remains will be shipped tomorrow to Mrs. Edmands, now a resident of Island Pond, Vt.

Memorial service will be held here Sunday, April 29.

Williston Graphic, 4/26/1906

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