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Kerosene Lamp Explodes When Children Try to Light It.

Anamoose, N.D., March 7.—News has just reached this city of the fire which occurred on the farm of John Dockter, living about 4 miles southeast of here. The farm house of this party was burned to the ground on Saturday evening, and a 7-year-old son was burned to death in the building. The fire resulted from an explosion of kerosene, which occurred while the two sons of Mr. Dockter, the one that lost his life in the fire and another, 9 years of age, where attempting to light a kerosene lamp. Immediately after the explosion it appears that the 7-year-old boy at once sought refuge upstairs and the fire spread so rapidly that his mother, who was the only other person on the premises at the time, was unable to reach the boy in the second story. Some of the charred bones of the little fellow were found in the ruins of the fire yesterday. The other boy was also badly burned and the mother was only able to extinguish the fire on his clothes by throwing him into a water tank. The fire spread very quickly and did its work rapidly. Before help arrived the fire had done most of the work.

Bismarck Daily Tribune, 3/8/1916

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