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After five hours' {sp} of deliberation the jury in the case of Elmer Crowell, charged with the murder of Sam Danzell, in district court at Minot, returned a verdict of manslaughter in the first degree and vxed {sp} the penalty as fifteen years in the penitentiary.

Crowell drove a parcel post delivery while Dazell drove a truck for a transfer company. On the day the soldiers departed for Camp Greene, the two vehicles had a collision in the congested street. They had an argument, after which Crowell purchased a revolver. Both met in a barn that evening and a fight followed, during which Crowell shot Dazell three times. The victim died on the way to the hospital. Crowell gave himself up. The victim was a local man and Crowell went to Minot a short time previous from Virginia.

While the jury was deliberating the trial of Alice Sullivan, charged with shooting her husband, John H. Sullivan, was commenced. The jury was selected and the court has adjourned until Monday. The Sullivan woman shot her husband in a local rooming house during a family quarrel. They came from Plentywood, Mont.

Devils Lake World and Inter-Ocean, 11/29/1917


Posted 11/27/2017