Helping Themselves


Fargo, Jan 17.— As a result of a fall from the north bridge, Sophie Gaare, 16 years of age,, a stenographer employed by Atty. A. T. Cole, Fargo is dead and Barney Cinnamon, also of Fargo, aged 24, said to be a pugilist, is lying in a serious condition at the Northwestern hospital.

The couple had spent part of Sunday afternoon at Howard's coffee house, which is connected with the Higgins-Aske saloon. They had dinner there and in company with Bert McGinnis, a waiter, and Inga Peterson, an employe {sp} of the J.D. Grant Candy Co., Fargo, started to Fargo at 7.20 in the evening. Miss Gaare and Cinnamon were walking some way ahead of the other couple. They had been scuffling together and when they reached the bridge they began walking slower. When the couple at the rear noticed them next the girl was sitting on the railing of the bridge. There are conflicting stories of how she got there. One version is that Cinammon picked her up and placed her there, another that she climbed up on the railing herself.

At any rate she had barely reached a sitting posture on the railing when she lost her balance. She clutched her companion and her momentum was so great that they both plunged twenty feet to the stones and frozen earth below.

Bismarck Tribune, 1/18/1910

Combing His Hair

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