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Shotgun With Which Lad was Experimenting is Accidently Discharged

Jamestown, N. D., Sept. 4.—A terrible tragedy occurred at the Melville meat market Monday evening when James Stewart, formerly of this city, while counting the cash in the cash drawer, received a load of shot discharged from a "pump" shotgun, about six feet distant in the hands of a small boy, a son of Jacob Schocker. The entire charge of shot entered Stewart's back below the shoulder blades. Death followed in a brief period as the victim never recovered consciousness. The shot fun had been {illeg.} the day previous for killing beef and was placed behind the icebox in the shop. The boy was playing with the gun, and claimed that he asked Mr. Stewart if it was loaded, and was informed that it was not. The boy was between Mr. Stewart and the icebox, when the gun was discharged. Mr. Stewart lived only 30 minutes, dying at 9 o'clock.

Bismarck Tribune, 9/4/1918

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