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The Ray Pioneer took exceptions to a sermon on dancing delivered by the Methodist minister of that place. The minister had denounced the round dance as a sensual and estial {sp?} orgie, calculated and intended to inflame the passions and encompass the moral downfall of the participants. The Ray Pioneer says in part:

"Had the writer of the sermon attended any dances in this community he would have been a more competent critic than he is. We can inform him that the round dance as we have witnessed it here includes no amorous embraces, no half nude breasts or arms disclosed to inflame the sensual appetite. The position of the dancers is simply one of grace and decorum and no improper contact of the person is permitted or even attempted or suggested. The suggestion of the disinclination of relatives of opposite sexes to join together in the round dance is ridiculous and palpably untrue, simply the effusion of a disordered brain."

Ward County Independent, 4/6/1911

Quite Preposessing

Posted 05/07/2018