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Chief of Police Tom Hagen, of Minot, was iu {sp} the city yesterday and left on No. 3 for the west. A lady barber of Minot eloped a short time ago with a hack driver and Hagen found that they had been in this city on their way west. He is following them and will no doubt take them back to Minot with him.

Williston Graphic, 7/26/1906

Minot Elopers Are in Custody

Helena, July 26. An eloping couple from Minot, N.D., were arrested in this city Tuesday night on advices received from the chief of police at Minot, T. E. Hagan. Mr. Hagan arrived in the city today with a warrant for the couple's arrest, sworn to by the husband of the woman, Eanyor Muhs. Mr. Muhs wants his wife brought back and the man who stole her affections, J. Cavanaugh, thrown into jail, but the woman declares she will not go back without requisition papers unless Cavanaugh is allowed to go free. If he is allowed his liberty, she says she will return willingly; otherwise she will put up a fight. The couple have been in Helena four days, coming here from Boulder hot springs. Accompanying them is the adopted child of Mr. and Mrs. Muhs, not more than 5 years old.

Cavanaugh was formerly a passenger brakeman on the Northern Pacific. Some time ago he quit the road and went to work in Minot for Muhs, who conducts a livery stable at the place and is the owner of a ranch not too far from Minot. He is well-to-do and prosperous. Six years ago he married his run-away wife, who up to that time had followed the occupation of a barber. She also is prosperous and has a bank account of her own. It is said the married life of the Muhses was not that one long dream of bliss which they auticipated {sp} but there was no outbreak until Cavanaugh appeared on the scene. He drove for Mr. Muhs at the livery stable, and before long had become acquanited with MRs. Muhs and the couple became warm friends. Cavanaugh was discharged and soon left Minot.

Two weeks ago Mrs. Muhs announced she was not in the best of health and was going to Boulder hot springs to recuperate. Mr. Muhs became suspicious and found that at Williston she had been joined by Cavanaugh, the couple going from there to the springs, where they remained some time, and then came on to Helena.

Helena, Mont., July 18—J Cavanaugh, formerly employed as a hack driver at Minot, N.D., who was arrested here on a charge of eloping with another man's wife, was released today after signing an agreement that he would never set foor on Minot soil.

Cavanaugh ran away with the wife of a Minot citizen several days ago, it is alleged. The matter was referred to Chef {SP} of police Hagen, who came to this city Wednesday. The Chief found the couple and the man was put under arrest.

Later the husband of the woman arrived in the city and after Cavanaugh had promised never to return to Minot, he was released.

This is the eloping couple mentioned in last week's Graphic but as no arrests had been made at the time the names were withheld.

Williston Graphic, 8/2/1906

Severe Accident

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