By The Stairs

Norman R. Lewis and Frank Downay, farmers living near Mina, Dak., and Loren A. Barbour, commercial traveler for a Minneapolis house, called at Fuller's shanty thirteen miles west of Aberdeen, and asked Fuller why he misrepresented facts when testifying for the government in a recent hearing in Barbour's preemption case. Fuller becoming enraged went into the house, thrust a shotgun through the door and fired. The charge grazed Barbour's head and the powder permanently disfigured Lewis' face. Fuller styles himself the "Duke of Argyle" and is considered crazy. He has been a terror to the community and will probably be adjudged insane. Fuller, it is said, has been the principal witness for Special Land Agent Jaycox in the numerous fraud investigations.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 6/4/1885

Too Tight to the Skull Bones

Posted 06/06/2016