Cuts An Artery

A Frightful Attempt at Suicide.

Dubuque Special:—John B. Miller, who owns a stonecutter's shop, while at work placed a sharp chisel against the right side of his head above the ear, and picking up a mallet deliberately drove it in until it projected an inch and a half on the left side directly opposite. He then picked up another chisel and, placing it to his forehead, drove it in by the same means about two inches. At this point he was detected and placed under the control of six strong men for about an hour, when three physicians arrived and withdrew the chisels. The one which entered the forehead was found to be bent by the pressure of the mallet. He still lives, although his death is expected at any moment. He has a wife, whom he married eight years ago, and one child three years old. He has also a brother and sister in Minnesota. He is a native of Germany and about thirty-five years old. His terrible deed is ascribed to drink and melancholy.

The Bad Lands Cow Boy, 12/24/1885

Hanged By Mob

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