Riding Pony

Drank Poison.

Tuesday afternoon about 3, a stranger was found dead in a box car near the depot, and about 8 another, also unknown, was found dead in Ward's barn. Coroner Baker and undertaker Washburn took them in charge awaiting identification.

Later: Coroner Baker gained information that one of the unfortunates is John McCarthy, who came over with Mr. Kingsman's horses from Hillsboro, as an attendant. He was about 28 years old and his home is in New York City.

The other's name is Harry Moore who came over with Mr. Champline's horses from Langdon. He was about 40 years of age and little is known of him; residence unknown.

It appears that the two men were old cronies, and had not seen each other for several years. When they met here a reunion was on tap. Hope being a "dry" town they could get nothing to drink, so helped themselves to a bottle or two of wood-alcohol and witch-hazel, a mixture prepared to bathe their horse's legs, and very poisonous. They no doubt were ignorant of this fact.

Their funerals occurred at 9 o'clock yesterday morning.

Hope Pioneer, 6/28/1900

Crazed Over Religion

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