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As a result of deliberate work on the part of someone about a dozen dogs are dead from poisoning, several of that number being valuable bird dogs. The Courier admits that a lot of dogs have been annoying of late, but we don't believe that poisoning is the proper way to remedy the matter. If there are any dogs around town that are a nuisance the proper thing to do is to shoot those dogs outright not scatter poisoned meat all over the the {sp} town and destroying valuable dogs indiscriminately. Several pounds of meat covered with strychnine have been picked up around town. This we say is dead wrong and an injustice to those who have bought and raised valuable hunting dogs. If the poisoner would think this matter over he could not help but see it in this light. If the dog assassin is found out he should be prosecuted as severely as the law will allow.

Cooperstown Courier, 3/5/1903

Trap Door

Posted 04/04/2018