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Fargo Youngster On Way Home After a Run Away Trip to New York

The Minneapolis Tribune has this story of a Fargo Youngster's trip east:

Patrons of one of the down town restaurant last evening were greatly amused watching a small and very dirty boy putting away a supper that would have been sufficient for the strongest man. Had they known his history they would have been still more interested, for he was something of a globe trotter.

"Doddy" was hungry, and according to his own story, had not tasted food all day. Black with soot and the grime of travel, the youngster was picked up by a university student who discovered him on an Interurban streetcar and recognized in him a youthful adventurer of Fargo, N.D., for whom the police of his native town have been searching for over three months.

Under the influence of a warming support, with plenty of good, rich milk and a juicy piece of beef steak, the boy unfolded the story to his former friend and townsman, who is now a student at the university.

The youth had traveled alone and unaided from his home in Fargo to New York city, and back in a little over three months, working his way along by shining shoes and selling papers and riding on the bumpers and in the tool boxes of engine tenders.

"Doddy," as he is called by his friends, is George Young, son of a prominent business man of Fargo. Some time last June the boy disappeared from home and despite the frantic efforts of his parents and a careful search by the police of all the large cities nothing was heard of the boy until about a week ago when his parents received a letter from him.

In it he told of his trip and said he had enough of travel for a while and would be home soon.

The youngster was looking healthy, although hungry, and after doing justice to the big support he was given a treat at one of the local theaters. Immediately after the show he refused his older friend's aid and slipped down into the railroad yards where he said he would hide in a tool box and get away for his home in Fargo as soon as possible. It is expected that the fatted calf act will be repeated in Fargo as soon as the youthful boot black arrives.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/2/1905

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