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Widow With Seven Children Needs Aid — In Dire Straits

Who will help a widow, with seven children, the oldest 16 and the youngest 4, until arrangements can be completed by the city or county for aid? The family has been maintained for two weeks out of the bigheartedness of working men—the cupboard has been bared, few clothes are available for the kiddies, the mother is broken hearted.

Mrs. Canutex La France, wife of the hotelier by that name who died two weeks ago is the woman the appeal is made for. She with the seven children are hoveled together in a little shack on the west side of the city—208 W Eleventh street—wondering where to turn and what to do. Subscriptions can be addressed to The World or investigation made and help rendered direct to Mrs. LaFrance.

The Devils Lake World, 4/13/1921


James Ryan contributed $2.00 and A. Oto, $5.00 thru The World last week to aid Widow La France who with her seven children in a little house on the West side is in dire straits and dependent upon the charity of kind hearted persons.

The Devils Lake World, 4/20/1921


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