Hand Behind Back

John Murphy died of heart disease while at the dinner table on Monday at Byrne's hotel. The deceased was a laborer at the round house, and had boarded two days at Byrne's hotel, drinking a little in the meanwhile. On the morning of his death he arose early and sober. He asked Mr. Byrne to cash his time check for $48, saying he was about to leave. Mr. Byrne complied with his request, giving the amount due him after deducting his board bill. At noon, he returned to dinner, fainted while at the dinner table and died instantly. A coroner's inquest was held, resulting in the verdict that the deceesed {sp} met death from reason of heart disease. He leaves friends and relatives at Roundout, N.Y., where he formerly lived.

Bismarck Tribune, 10/28/1881

Mass Of Flames

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