Brutally Murdered

Death's Harvest.

A shocking accident occurred on one of the side tracks in front of the section house last Saturday about noon which resulted in the death, that night, of Alfred Noren. The young man was employed as a section hand and in coming from his dinner attempted to cross the track in front of a moving engine, when he slipped and fell before he could get out of the way and the engine passed over both legs below the knee and mashed them in a horrible manner. The young man was picked up and carried into the section house and surgical aid summoned. Drs. Stickney and McDonald soon arrived and amputated both legs, one above and the other below the knee and did all in their power to save the young man's life, but the shock was too great and death relieved him of his sufferings during the night. The funeral took place last Monday, Rev. Martlett conducted the services and the fellow workmen of Mr. Noran acted as pall bearers. The young man was a Swede, born in that country, when his parents still reside and at the time of his death was in his 23rd year. He was well liked by all who knew him and a young mean of steady habits.

The Dickinson Press, 3/2/1889

With A Thud

Posted 03/23/2017