Killed at Medina.

Michael Quinn, a farmer, aged about 45 years, was run over and killed by an engine at Medina station Wednesday afternoon, about 3:15. He was in the section house, and hearing the rumble of the engine, started to catch his team of horses, which were standing untied on the other side of the track. When on the track he saw the engine coming, and it is supposed became dazed and bewildered. At any rate he stood on the track as if undecided whether to turn back or go forward, and the engine struck him before the engineer or fireman realized his peril.

Word of the accident was sent to Jamestown, and in the absence of Coroner Thorold, J. A. Frye, who as a justice of the peace is acting coroner in the absence of that official, empaneled a jury consisting of Geo. C. Eager, A. M. Halstead, and J. E. Bellivou, who went over to Medina, held an inquest and returned the following verdict:

That the said Michael Quinn came to his death by being struck by a passing engine while trying to cross the track in front of said engine, at the station of Medina, Dakota, on October 11, 1888, at about the hour of 3:15 p.m.

The deceased had no relatives here. He owned a claim and 30 acres of good wheat near Medina.

The engine which struck him was running light and had on board Engineer Burns, Fireman Connors and Tom Sloan, all of whom were coming back to Jamestown in consequence of the abandonment of No. 4.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 10/18/1888

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