Dynamite In Oven

Body Cut To Pieces.

Montana papers give details of a railroad accident near Summit of which the victim was Oscar Funtz of Spokane. A crew was engaged in cleaning out cuts and, the weather being intensely cold, the fan constantly froze and clogged. Funtz went up to the plow to clean out the knives. While thus engaged steam was turned on and the train went ahead, but Funtz did not return to the cab. The engineer found that he had been caught in the machinery and thrown into the knife which cut and slashed his body into strips, which wound themselves around the knives, and made a mass of gore and flesh, which rapidly froze and stopped the working of the rotary. The crew tried to remove the terrible mess, but had to give it up, and the snow plow with its ghastly contents, was run to Kalispel {sp}, where it was thawed out by steam.

Funtz was 23 years of age, unmarried and had recently taken out a life insurance policy in favor of his widowed mother.

Jamestown Weekly Alert, 1/27/1898

One Grave

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