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Investigation of Accounts Shows Shortage of Cash on Hand.

A United States postoffice inspector has been at work in the Tolna post-offices, on application of one of the bondsmen for the postmaster, to straighten out and look over the accounts of the office. The bondsmen became suspicious of the doings of Edward Hollander, the postmaster, some time ago, when the latter exchanged a box containing 250 stamped envelopes in one of the local stores for some clothing. As was anticipated, a shortage of $466.75 was found by the inspector, which the bondsmen, of course, are required to pay. Theodore Duhr was appointed temporary postmaster in place of Edward Hollander , who of course, was requested to resign by the inspector. The bondsmen are T. O. Lundaby, Harry L. Knaus, Nels Halverson, Leon Turcotte, M Gutting. Mr Hollander could not give any definite reason for the shortage in his office, claiming at one time he was sick and did not know, and again that his assistants were not careful enough. Mr. Hollander is in a pitiable condition, being 66 years old and so crippled up that he cannot walk unless aided by a crutch. He is a bachelor and alone in the world, and it is not supposed that the bondsmen will commence any prosecution against the lonely old man.

The Wahpeton Times, 2/20/1908

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