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Mrs. Mildred Lau of this city was pronounced insane by the local board of insanity the latter part of the week and has been taken to the asylum at Jamestown, where she will receive treatment. Mrs. Lau was formerly a vaudeville actress, and during the past week created a scene at the New York store by trying to put on a stunt in the way of dancing with some of the gentlemen clerks. She was taken in charge with the above results. Indications are that the woman has been a dope fiend, and possibly a course of treatment in Jamestown will restore her to her normal condition.

Devils Lake World and Inter-Ocean, 1/20/1916


Husband of Woman Sent to Insane Asylum had no Idea She was "Dope" Fiend.

Devils Lake, N. D., Jan. 18.—The statements by Mrs. Mildred Lau, before she was taken to the state insane asylum, that "dope" was to blame for the condition of her mind, promise sensational developments. To her husband, who up to the time she was committed to the state asylum, had no intimation that his wife was a "dope" fiend, she disclosed where she had purchased the drugs in this city.

Grand Forks Herald, 1/18/1916

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