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Steele Ozone: Monday afternoon it was learned in our community that Tom Hanson, one of the early settlers in Langedahl, had died Sunday night at his home. The news was received with surprise by many, who had not known his condition was serious, and several had not learned that he was ill at all.

Cause of death was the injury to his head resulting from being thrown to the ground a few days before by a cow which he and others were preparing to butcher. The animal made a lunge and threw Mr. Hanson to the frozen ground, his head striking with great force, and causing concussion of the brain.

He was taken to the house and Dr. Lodge was sent for. For a time the man was unconscious, but he rallied in about four or five hours, and in the course of the following day seemed to be improving. The injury occurred Wednesday of last week, and up to four or five hours before death, Mr. Hanson seemed to be steadily improving for the last two days. Death occurred at 9:30 Sunday night.

Bismarck Tribune, 1/2/1910

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