Narrow Escape

Valley City Times: One of the giddy gals with the Chip 'O the Old Block outfit came near leaving the tribe here and going to the jail for a few days' penance as a thief. She was the bird who did the high kicking. While in Mrs. Dobbin's millinery store, she stole a solid silver envelope opener, a gift to Miss Zella. It was missed and Miss H Kicker was found to be the purloiner. When Chief Burt cornered her behind the scenes, in scant apparel, she denied it, but when Bob told her to "cough up" or go to jail, she wilted, went to her room and found the article, which she said was taken by mistake. As the recovery of the article was all that was desired, she was allowed to go on the stage and kick the decorations off the ceiling, and follow the other birds to some distant town. It is said she swiped some articles at the Headquarters in Fargo.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/8/1892

Fancy Collar

Posted 04/05/2014