Make Underwear

Martin Muhwich and Marcus Peaschel, clerks of A. Miksche, made quite a capture of a thief, yesterday. Marton having noticed the thief take an overcoat from the front of the store, notified his colleague, and the two put out for the man, who soon dropped the coat but kept running and was finally captured and dragged back to the store and a policeman sent for. The fellow was very contrary and ugly and one of the boys noticed that he was attempting to quietly get into a coat pocket, when he was seized and a loaded revolver was taken from him. Soon it was learned that the burly outlaw had just prior thereto terrorized Marton Schott and all in his hotel and walked away with the vest and coat of an employee of the hotel—stolen from the man's room. He quieted everybody in the hotel by pointing the revolver at their heads, respectively, and demanding that they be seated till he made his escape. Undoubtedly, had he gotten his gun out of his pocket he would have walked out of Mr. Miksche's store or hurt some one. When Justice Dow asked the fellow in court where he was from, he promptly replied, "None of your business." It is reported that there has been a good deal of thieving going on at Casselton, recently. The plan is, we believe, to eventually turn the fellow loose on the bridge and let the Breckenridge authorities take him in.

Wahpeton Times, 11/19/1891

A Ball Of Yarn

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