Grand Forks, June 24.—William King, a colored man who worked at the variety theater in East Grand Forks up to a few weeks ago, was arrested in that city yesterday afternoon on the charge of murdering Joseph Edwards at Thief River Falls. It appears that Edwards, Williams and some other congenial spirits went from Thief River Falls across the river into the Indian reservation on Friday night to attend a dance and have a general good time. Dancing was indulged in and during the evening Edwards was shot in the right knee. He had prompt medical attendance, and it was thought that the wound was not dangerous until last night, when Edwards died. King came to East Grand Forks yesterday after the receipt of a telegram from Thief River Falls yesterday afternoon, Chief Hurst arrested him on the charge of murder. He was not greatly surprised, but stated that Edwards had shot himself accidentally.

Hope Pioneer, 7/1/1897

Husky Porkers

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