Loved Not Wisely


Kenneth Helferty, son of Mrs. Margaret Helverty, of Episcopal Hall, probably owes his life to the courageous efforts of his little playmates. Sunday afternoon, Kenneth, James Earley, Hamilton Englert and George Deen went out to skate and somewhere near the Chas. Rasmussen farm they were going onto the ice. Kenneth was the first one on the ice and he went thru as the ice broke and let him into the water. James Earley only had one skate on but the other two had theirs on and were going on the ice when Kenneth broke through. It was a bad situation but Kenneth kept his head and the little boys, between eight and ten years old displayed most remarkable courage in a crisis that ordinarily would have sent others into a panic. George Deen and Hamilton Englert got hold of a stick and pushed it out to Kenneth who grabbed hold of it and with the assistance of the lads was safely hauled ashore. It was a remarkable rescue for small boys and they ought to get a Carnegie medal for their presence of mind and bravery. Then the three little fellows took Kenneth home, and his mother not being at home, they undressed Kenneth, rubbed his body to get his blood circulating right, put him to bed and stuck on the job in fine shape. Kenneth is 13 years old, and was able in a way to direct the little lads in the rescue. He is not the worse for the experience but is not the worse for the experience but {sic} ferty you may be sure is the most grateful woman in the land today and her thanksgiving will be one of gratefulness that her boy was spared. We might add at this point that the playmates of Kenneth are due an extra cut of pie or a big supply of turkey at any time they drop around to see Kenneth at his home. They will always find a real welcome at the hands of Kenneth and his mother.

Valley City Times-Record, 11/27/1919

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