Charred Remains

A strange case involving a point of law and illustrating the feminine love of jewelry came to light at the North Star the other night. Fred Chamberlin had ordered two soft boiled eggs for supper and was just extracting the meats, congratulating himself, the while, that they were done exactly to his taste, when he made a discovery which made him think at first that the biddy had swallowed one of her teeth filling and all. The object snugly tucked away within the shell proved to be a pearl and gold collar button with a ruby settings. John Crary claimed the find at once but an able legal light soon convinced him that he had passed possession. Fred still has the button which he will show to any one who doubts the story.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 5/19/1899
Ed. Note: this likely is not true, although old wives' tales exist about such a thing happening.


Posted 05/19/2018