Fully Recovered

Last Friday evening when Mrs. A. J. McDonald and daughter were returning home to Poplar Grove after spending the day in the city shopping, the pin holding the whiffle tree came out and the pole dropped out of the neck yoke, frightening the team, throwing the occupants out of the buggy, the team running down Fourth street with the buggy upside down, until they struck a mail box at the corner of Kelly and Fourth, where the team broke away from the buggy. Mrs. McDonald and daughter were picked up and taken to a house near by where a physician was called and it was found that Mrs. McDonald's collar bone had been broken, her face and arms cut and she was quite badly shaken up. Miss McDonald received only a few scratches about the face and arms.

Devils Lake Inter-Ocean, 8/5/1910

Narrow Escape

Posted 08/17/2016