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Edson F. Taylor received a letter Saturday from Dr. C. J. Campbell, of Bowbells, giving the particulars of a sad accident which occurred near Portal last Friday night, resulting in the death of Wesley Peters, formerly a resident of Mount View township, Towner county. He was the oldest son of George J. Peters, who resided on the farm now owned by J. H. DuBois, eight miles east of Rolla. Mr. Peters and family moved from here to Frobisher, Sask., four or five years ago. Here Wesley was married, and soon after went to Bowbells to take charge of feed store at that place. The facts of his death are so clearly stted in the above mentioned letter that we quote it in full.

Flaxton, N.D., Sept 29, 1911.

Mr. Edson F. Taylor, Rolla N.D.

Dear Mr. Taylor:

This isn't a letter but just a note to tell you of an accident that happened last night which caused the death of Wesley Peters, who dimitted from your Masonic lodge a year ago.

He wanted to go to Portal to meet his wife, who was coming down from Canada, and missing the afternoon train tried in the evening to catch the local freight, but when he got to the depot it turned out to the a through freight and the conductor could not let him ride, so he gave the brakeman a tip to let him ride on a flat or coal car. About three miles S.E. of Portland he jolted off and was partly run over. His right leg was cut off and serious abdominal injuries were inflicted. He lay on the side of the track until No. 150 came along about four hours later when they saw him and took him to Bowbells. He lived till 7 o'clock this morning.

From his injuries there was probably no chance to have saved him; but lying out in the cold so long and losing so much blood would have made this impossible in case there had been.

Funeral will probably be Sunday, under Masonic regulations at Bowbells. Did not know whether he had relatives left in Rolla or not. If you know of any let them know please.

Yours truly,

C.J. Campbell.

Turtle Mountain Star, 10/5/1911

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