A few weeks ago, Mrs. Dixson of Bismarck, had her husband arrested in Miles City, Mont., charged with bigamy and adultery. Sre {sp} followed him from Bismarck, and found him in company with another woman, and both were arrested. Dixson was brought to Bismarck and lodged in jail, where he has been ever since. Mrs. Dixson applied to the supreme court for a writ of habeas corpus to get her erring husband released. She applied on the ground that she has not found any information against her husband and, under the law of the state, she is the only person who can file complaint against him for the crime alleged. The authorities are at a loss to explain her change of heart, in wanting to get her husband out after she and the county have gone to great expense to apprehend him and bring him back to Bismarck.

Langdon Courier Democrat, 7/1/1897

Cave Man Tactics

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