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Gasoline Explosion Causes Death in a Bank.

Gilbert Jacobson, cashier of the cashier of the Fort Ransom State bank at Fort Ransom, an inland town about 10 miles northwest of Lisbon, was burned to death in the bank building Monday evening. He was alone in the building at the time and it is believed that he was cleaning the inkwells of the bank with gasoline. The room became filled with the gasoline vapor and there was an explosion that filled the small structure with a burst of flame.

Citizens of Fort Ransom saw the fire and knowing that Jacobson was in the bank battered down the door which was locked. Jacobson's body was recovered but life was extinct. He was horribly burned. The bank building was entirely destroyed. It is believed, however, that the books and money of the bank were all safely locked in the vault before the fire.

Jacobson was 28 years of age and he leaves a widow and three children.

The Wahpeton Times, 3/12/1914


Posted 03/09/2015