Sister And Self

About 1 p.m. on Tuesday the home of Eric Lofgren, five miles south of this place, was struck by lightning and Mr. Lofgren, Walter Halversion, and the former's hired man had almost miraculous escapes with their lives. The lightning struck the chimney, knocking it to smithereens, coming down into the house through the ceiling and entering a room where sat the three men, knocked them from their chairs to the floor, all three being stunned and some minutes elapsing before their recovery. When they finally "came to" Mr. Lofgren was unable to move his left foot, and believing it to be paralyzed, started to town to consult a physician, but on the way in the numbness in the injured member disappeared, and on arriving here found himself all right and suffering no ill effects to speak of from his experience. The plaster was knocked off the ceiling in the room where the men had been sitting and a dog standing near the house was instantly killed.

Bowbells Tribune, 7/27/1906

Run Down

Posted 07/18/2017