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Harry Fast and Miss Freda Schlecting Lose Life in Buffalo Lodge Lake near Granville the Fourth.

Guy Fast, aged 22 years, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Fast of Deering, and Miss Freda Schlecting, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schlecting of Upham, were drowned in Buffalo Lodge Lake, northeast of Granville, Tuesday afternoon at a Fourth of July celebration, when their canoe capsized.

The young couple had left the crowd of picnickers and started across the lake for a canoe ride. The canoe was not seen to capsize, but the young couple were missed and the canoe was seen later about a mile across the lake but without any occupants. The only other boat on the lake was a motor boat owned by Mr. Davey. It took some time to get it started and a number motored to that part of the lake. The body of the young woman was seen floating near the surface of the water and one of the occupants of the boat grasped her by the hair, but the boat was going so fast that he could not retain the hold. When the boat had turned and returned to the spot, the body had disappeared.

The accident occurred at 7 in the evening and the bodies were not recovered until the following day. Hundreds stood on the shore of the lake looking for the bodies. An attempt was made to secure drag-nets from Minot, but that failed. Grappling hooks were made and the lake was dragged. The body of the young woman was found in about ten feet of water and a short time later that of the young man was found but a few yards away.

The young man was a good swimmer and it is presumed that he lost his life in trying to save that of the young woman. The parents of the young man had gone to Montana on an auto trip but were located at Havre.

Miss Schlecting's mother resides on a farm near Upham and her father conducts a tailor shop at Devils Lake. She has been teaching north of Granville for some time.

Ward County Independent, 7/6/1916

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