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The citizens of this city were much shocked and surprised last Tuesday when they learned that Attorney Butler Lamb, a prominent figure of Towner, had committed suicide during his wife's absence at church early in the morning.

While Mr. Lamb was recognized as a lawyer of no mean alibity {sp} it is well know {sp} that he has been very erratic at times in his actions, and two or three during his career had been confined, always recovering, however, sufficiently to warrant his release and to enable him to continue his practice of law.

While these things were well known here the fact and circumstances of his suicide came as a great surprise to his many friends here, all of whom recognized in him a quiet unassuming gentleman, in spite of his unfortunate mental condition.

We have not been able to learn the exact circumstances surrounding the sad affair, but it is reported here that the deed was done while his wife was attending early mass, and that when she returned she found a note on the chair near the bed stating that she need not call him for dunner. Suspecting that all was not right she made a hasty examination of the inanimate form in the bed and her worst fears were realized. Her husband was dead. One report says that he used crabolic {sp} acid and the other that it was morphine.

The body was taken to the former home in Chicago for internment.

Ward County Independent, 12/1/1910

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