Bed Fire

A buried forest has been found in the Red river valley. The Grand Forks Plaindealer of the 2d inst., says Robt. P. Purdy, a farmer living fifteen miles west of that place, while engaged about three weeks ago in sinking a well upon his farm struck a subterranean growth of timber. At the depth of about thirteen feet from the surface his work was interrupted by a large and obstinate root, which was removed after a time of patient toil; but was surprised him most was, after digging a little further, the discovery of a body of a sound ash tree, sixteen inches in circumference, which he had to cut through with an ax. A year ago Mr. Purdy sank a well about twenty rods from this spot, and at about the same depth came upon similar timber. The discovery of sound timber, thirteen feet below the surface of the present soil of the Red river valley ought to enlist the attention of geologists, from whom the public would be glad to hear an explanation.

Bismarck Tribune, 3/10/1882

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