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Bullet Dropped Down Man's Throat In Jest Requires An Operation

H.E. Martin of Moffit Comes to Local Hospital to Have Pellet Extracted

Dr. L.D. Dunlap was called upon Saturday evening to operate on an injury case rather unique. H. E. Martin of Moffit was brought in with a 22-calibre rifle bullet lodged in his throat. The bullet was dropped and not shot into that lodging place.

Martin was lying back in a barber's chair with his mouth open, laughing at some jest, when a friend slipped up behind him and dropped the bullet down his throat. Encountering no opposition, the metal pellet kept on going until it stopped at the base of his tongue, where it resisted all his efforts to remove it.

The joke taking a serious turn, Martin was hurried to a Bismarck hospital and a specialist called. The bullet was remove without serious difficulty and no lasting harm has resulted.

The Bismarck Tribune, 11/26/1917

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