On Wednesday afternoon Jake Hafner senior and son came into town with several bad scalp wounds which they had received by a blow from a hammer at the hands of Dice Rimel, so they claimed. The blows were struck as a result of a dispute which arose over some cattle that belonged to Haffner, which Rimel claimed were trespassing on his land.

There has been an old fued {sp} existing for some time between these parties, and this is the second time that Rimel has been guilty of such an offense. A warrant was sworn out by Haffner for Rimel's arrest, and Chas. H. Dahl, in the absence of J. W. Jones the deputy sheriff, was deputized by Judge Wm. Cummings to arrest Rimel, but when Mr. Dahl arrived at Rimel's home it was reputed that he had gone to Glendive to give himself up, but telephone communications disclosed the fact that this was not true. So far nothing has been heard of his whereabouts. But the authorities are determined to find him and bring him back and for that purpose State Attorney Slattery arrived and sent Jones out to find his man.

Later: Friday Mr. Rimel came into town and appeared before Justice Cummings, who bound him over to the district court. He was released to secure bonds in the amount of $2000.

Golden Valley Chronicle, 6/12/1914

Falling House

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