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Abercrombie, N.D., March 1—The community was shocked to hear of the terrible accident that befell Cyril Rezac, a farmer living two miles from town. He had been out hunting rabbits, and on returning home climbed through a fence, pulling his shotgun after him, the trigger caught on the wire and the full discharge hit him in the lower jaw, blowing one side and his chin entirely off. Dr. Ivers was immediately called by telephone, and made the patient as comfortable as possible. he was taken to the hospital at Breckenridge. Mr. Rezac was very brave and stood the shock remarkably well, for as soon as the doctor had bandaged the wound he walked over to his wife and tried to console her. Mr. Rezac came here from Nebraska two years ago and bought the H. I. Moe farm, and has made many friends who hope for his speedy recovery.

Fargo Forum and Daily Republican, 3/1/1915

Although I didn't find much on Cyril, it turns out that his wife, who he consoled so kindly, was five months pregnant at the time of Cyril's accident.

Under The Front Wheels

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