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Ole Rokke of Regent, Pal of the Famous Bandit, Passes Away

Regent, N. D., April 8.—With the passing of Frank James a few weeks ago and the reported dying condition of Cole Younger, comes the death of Ole Rokke, known as the "Big Norwegian," who died at Regent on Saturday morning.

Rokke has been living in western North Dakota a number of years. Two years ago he lived in the vicinity of Gladstone, where he was employed on the ranch of C. C. Turner, a member of the state legislature. Later he came to Regent, where he lived with different farmers, doing chores for his board.

Readers of the exploits of the James and Younger boys will recall the personage of the "Big Norwegian" whose duties around the came of the outlaws were to care for the horses used by the raiders and to assist the camp cook in preparing the meals for the gang. The "Big Norwegian" was never captured, nor it is known whether the authorities ever wanted him.

After the capture of the James boys, Rokke made his way to the bad lands west of the Missouri river where he soon found employment as a sheep herder, which life he followed for several years. King Alcohol finally got in its work, thus causing him to drift to nearby towns, as long as the booze was available, Rokke stayed by it.

It was during one of his "periodicals" that the story of his connection with the famous outlaws leaked out. When sober, he refused to talk to anyone of himself or his past. Since his death it is discovered that he has relatives in southern Minnesota, who have been communicated with regarding the disposal of the body. Interment, temporarily, was made Monday at the local burying ground in Regent.

Friends of the dead man aver that he was always supplied with money, never borrowing from anyone, nor asking favors. This is borne out by the fact that about $1500 was found in his clothes when examined by the undertaker. During the past two eeks {sp} he had been drinking heavily, direct cause of death being acute alcoholism. The "Big Norwegian" was past sixty years of age.

Bismarck Tribune, 4/9/1915

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