Desperate Gunman

Bicycle Thief Was Caught Red Handed Monday Morning

Officer Tom Gale was called upon this morning to arrest a party by the name of True who was noticed by Ed Hollingshead riding a bicycle which had been stored in the back rooms of his place. The man was stopped and when asked where he got the wheel he stated that he had obtained it from the garage but when the garage men were advised of the statement they stated that they had never saw the party before. The man is being held and will have a hearing tomorrow. It is understood that several wheels are missing and it is thought that perhaps the work is that of an organized gang. When arrested True had a couple of bottles of Jamacia Ginger which may have accounted in a measure for his actions as it is understood that he has a family and has been considered a respectable person heretofore.

Valley City Times-Record, 8/7/1913

Jim Jam Jems Suicide

Posted 08/05/2014